I have enjoyed these products for over 10years and used it for many different conditions. It still amazes me how it works.! I always buy extra and give it away. People call me to thank me for recommending it. Thank you MountainMagicHealth . Heidi

- Heidi Grabowy
Sarasota Fl
Message: This is a great big thank you! Our 11yr old lab was bit by a snake last spring, and we have spent thousands of dollars on vet bills and a lot of time keeping him from loosing his leg. Over Christmas, I was at my wits end because his leg was triple the size of the other and leaking clear fluid all over my house that the vet simply said was inflammation from the bite. My husband had been using your mountain magic on some muscle soreness so I suggested trying it on the dog as a last resort. Bingo.... 3 days later it stopped leaking fluid, and 4 weeks later his leg is almost back to normal size with him having the energy and agility of a puppy again. So thank you for making this wonderful product! Cooper also says thanks!

- Kim S.
emailed to us at mtmagichealth.com
Joe introduced me to their products a few years ago. I love the liniment. I use it for pain relief and also for my sinuses. It works great. I am almost out so had to order more.

- Diane Braswell
Joe introduced me to their products a few years ago. I love the liniment. I use it for pain relief and also for my sinuses. It works great. I am almost out so had to order more.

- Diane Braswell
My wife has Fibromyalgia and is in constant pain and is on pain pills 7 days a week.The only form of help and and any kind of relief ,and I am a witness to this is Mountain Magic Linamint.I have seen her set on the side of the bed and rub herself down and cry herself to sleep still in a sitting position.We are now going to try bone majic also

- carl gantt
South east Texas
I had knee replacement surgery and while in the hospital I started itching and skin broke out. I used my MM linament every day and it helped tremendously. The nurses always commented on how good my room smelled. Never figured out the problem but thanks for the help!.

- Sara
West Texas
I bought the chronic pain duo, at the recommendation of a holistic healer, for my 92 year old Grandmother. For years she has suffered with extreme arthritis and in the past few years severe swelling of her legs, feet, and ankles. The amount of pain she experiences breaks my heart, so I was willing to spend $70 on the duo because of the recommendation and then all the testimonials I read. After 2 days of using the chronic pain duo on her feet and ankles, the swelling went down so much that my grandmother was able to tie her shoes for the first time in 2 years. The second night I put it on her, I put a pillow under her feet and she said she felt her feet get warm and pulsing...circulation she hadn’t felt in years. She also slept only a couple hours a night and for some reason once we started using the duo, she began getting 6 hours a night consistently. I can’t say enough about these products. They are miraculous. We are about to order another duo which is why I’m on the site writing this. My Grandmas name is Eva. Thank you to the makers of this I hope you know you are bringing relief to my Grandma...literally changing the quality of her life. She stopped using it because she can’t put it on herself and when I arrived this week she was in too much pain to even play a game of scrabble with me. I’ve put it on her for three days straight now and she just beat me at scrabble and has energy left over! Truly a miracle.

- Kylene
Los Angeles
I have been using this for 7 years. My family and I love all the benefits we get from this product. I try to buy it for other people for gifts too!

- Laura
San Antonio
This is Joe, manager for Mountain Magic Health. For the record, we are a small company.
One customer, Pat, stated that we take a long time to get our product out to people. In the 13 years we have been in business, 99% of the time, we get our product shipped out in one or two days.
Pat’s and a few other people’s orders took longer than usual, because our supplier was in the hospital. She was unavailable for an extended period of time.
We have lots of customers to attest to the fact of timely delivery, and many have written me letting me know that they were amazed they got their product so quickly. We all know things can happen, but, I think our track record speaks for itself. Thanks again for your patience and understanding.

- Joe Bruni
I just love this product,it helps me so much.

- James
This is a fantastic product, find a new place to purchase. They are quick to take money, slow to ship

- Pat
I have only been using the Chronic Pain Duo for 3 days, and already am amazed!Dramatically reduced neck and shoulder pain and a lesion on my hand cleared up in the first day. Also plan to share with friends who suffer from chronic arthritis pain. Thanks Sandy for sharing this incredible product with me! Am a believer!

- Linda Wolf
Blairsville Georgia
Love this product, I have recommended it to so many friends and family members, My son had two small dogs who had no hair, skin red, on their lower back and hind legs, (looked like Mange) 1st week I diluted the product with water and applied it, I saw instant relief from the itching, 2nd week I rubbed it on straight from the bottle and 3 weeks later their skin was a pretty pink and hair was growing back. No other treatment was used but Mountain Magic ligament. Thanks for a great product.

- Jessica
I bought some Mountain Magic Skin Magic when I was in Canton a few months ago. I had a heat rash from a compression belt I was wearing because of cracked ribs. The Skin Magic healed it up right away. Since then, I have used it on ant bites, which subsequently did not fester as a result of the Skin Magic. I also used it on a skin rash I got when I failed to get all of the shampoo out of my hair, and it was itching, and it completely resolved the itching. I plan to buy more Mountain Magic. Love this stuff.

- Laura
Lufkin, TX
I have suffered with arthritis and sciatica for many years.....also have had meniscus repair in both knees....While recovering from knee surgery 8 years ago, I was visiting family in Texas....we went to Canton to the flea market....I was in terrible knee pain, and stopped at the Mountain Magic booth, where the people there put the pain duo on and wrapped my knee in plastic wrap .... to my relief, within 15 min I was able to keep up with my friends and enjoyed myself instead of being a drag on our group!
I purchased the pain duo that day, recovered from surgery, and put the bottles in a drawer, and forgot about it
Five years later, without warning, my thumb locked up in pain (arthritis) and I was terrified as to what I would do.....I remembered the mm liniment, found it, (miraculous since we had moved), rubbed it on my thumb, and had instant relief....I was hooked. A hand doctor had tried to get me have surgery on it with a 6 month recovery predicted...now I could manage the pain without such a invasive procedure. I continue to use mm when needed on my hand and knees!! Thank you!

- Anna Baker
Scottsdale, Az
Amazing product. My husband has chronic pain from back breakage. He has used Tiger Balm (some relief) and Horse Liniment (some relief); now using Mountain Magic and gets COMPLETE RELIEF. I use it on my legs for circulation. Legs feel great! My sister had pancreatic cancer and died recently. She had us rub this on her to relieve the pain in her bones. It helped. Thank you for taking the time to create an amazing product!

- Deb
I used Mountain Magic when I wa is Texas with my son and dayghter-in-law. I have a rash on my ankle that the prescribed cream will not heal. After 1 day using your product it was less red and not itching. I am going to oder my own Combo. I have been telling everyone about it. Thanks!

- Norma
Vidalia, Ga
I walked into the Balloon Festival facing a 12 hour volunteer shift at the beverage tent with a migraine. Upon gentle encouragement and application of the liniment, I no longer felt the need to retch with every step and could breathe without trying holding my breath, sounds weird but if you know, You Know ! I bought the package and introduces my Mama (and now the rest of my extended family), to the healing advantages of these lifesaving products. No, I am not exaggerating. I have Fibromyalgia, Arthur lives her too, degenerative and bulging discs, allergies, as well as the Migraines. Mama has Rheumatoid Arthritis-(30 years+), Fibro, two total knee and left hip replacement as we await the healing of a broken left leg to get the right hip done. Oh yeah, she is 80 yrs. young. Rehabilitating is a huge challenge with both legs in pain, Our Mountain Magic keeps us mobile, we have also tried a lot of products Rx and not, MM is the one that consistently provides relief and I believe heals. I promised Mama and other family members, we will never be without it. It also provided relief with shingles pain for Mama and when my daughter Sami got sunburned in FL, (baby oil on her legs, what was she thinking), so painful she could not walk and was retching. At her suggestion I tried it and she was eating chicken noodle soup and then a popsicle within 10 minutes, really no kidding. Everything that is mentioned that these products will do, They Do and More. You will not be disappointed, this is the product you have been waiting for. Order it Today!
My Thanx to Sandi for first her insistence, and now her guidance. I am forever grateful. Hugs !
ps - the lip balm is fantastic for relieving the pain and healing cold sores/fever blisters/herpes simplex I.

After you find the products provide relief and/or healing with other issues, please send a testimonial to this site, Healthier communities make a better place for all of us to live and prosper. 

- Suzy
Beettle Crack of the World, MI
The limiment has saved me from sinus headaches MANY times these last few months! What I have done is use one of the round things used to remove make-up. I put some on one of those, wrap it in a kleenex & put to my nose - breathing deeply in & out several times. The I lay down with that in hand & continue to breath in & out periodically until the sinus headache is gone. I told my allergist about this. He has printed out what I told him (above), along with the page here on your site that tells about the product & he recommends it to all his patients now.

I have used the "contact us" form here on your site, wanting to know more about the opportunity package - no one ever contacts me to fill me in. I am truly interested!

- Kimberly Hargrove
Lubbock TX
I discovered Mountain Magic a few years ago at the State Fair of Texas. I suffer from asthma and allergies and was having a particularly hard time breathing that day.I had taken my allergy meds and inhaler already (and it wasn't working) so I thought, why not? It worked immediately!! It felt like I was breathing fresh air for the first time! I am so incredibly happy to say that I don't need anything but Mountain Magic for both my asthma and allergies! It doesn't stop there though! I use mountain magic for everything! I use it mixed with water in a spray bottle to make it easy to breath in my house. I use it in my bath to take care of all physical ailments. In my house, Mountain Magic is the "turn to" product for most everything! I am and will always be a customer of this product! It has changed my life (and my families' lives) for the better! Thank you!!

- Courtney T.
Dallas, Texas
I bought the liniment at the International Festival in Houston this summer. It has really, really helped me with my asthma and allergies. I am down to my last drop and plan to order more, soon.

- Kristin
Houston, Texas
I started using Mountain Magic about three year ago. I found this produce at State Fair of Texas. I'm a Massage Therapist and many of my clients that have neck and back pains. When I use this produce my clients feel like new people, and its all natural. Thanks for this great produce!!

- Janet
The Mountain Magic is wonderful I used the Chronic Pain Duo about a year an a half ago for a spurr on my heel and it is no longer there and hasn't come back. I used it for about a month every day.I love this stuff and now time to get some more. Thanks

- Mary Morales
I attended the Internation Festival in Houston and stopped the booth. I was already experiencing some back pain before I got to the festival and didn't know if I could make thru the festival site. One of my 1st stops was the Mountain Magic booth for their "short" massage. I was amazed! I walked around the rest of the day without any pain. Love this stuff. ONLY WISH I COULD AFFORD IT!

What a wonderful Product. I have severe leg cramps sometimes and when I feel one coming on I grab my bottle of Mountain Magic and within minutes any hint of pain is gone. I use this for headaches,back aches and any other aches we develope as we get older. I love the smell of the product. I use all of the products and will continue to do so. Thanks Sandy for such a awesome product.

- Kay Lloyd
Mountain View, Arkansas
This is gaurenteed to work. I had a shoulder tha seems to pop frenquently & the pain was horrible..a friend of mine gave me a bottle of this & I could not believe it....Soothing & cool at the same time RELIEF!!!!!!!!! Lasted for 2 days. Wonderful product....Have told friends about it. Waiting to hear how they love it.

- Joyce
Arlington, TX 76018
I love all of the products but I can say honestly that ever since I used the lip balm I have not had a break out of cold sores. I've used the lip balm for two months and as soon as I ran out of the balm I broke out not kidding! I've always had a problem with finding a good fever blister balm even abreva which is so expensive didn't help as much as this lip balm did. I hope this company keeps this product on the market!

- Michelle
Houston Texas
I have sever acne, it has plagued me since I was a young teenager. I started to use the liniment on my skin and it really was like magic. After only a few days the angry redness went away and the painful nodules started to disappear - the natural ingredients actually kill the bacteria in my skin! I ran out of it and tried something else. Well, my skin got real bad again, so I am ordering more Mountain Magic because my skin is so sensitive to the chemicals in most products, but the liniment is all natural and is the only thing that is gentle enough for my skin but powerful enough to attack my acne. Thank you for such a wonderful product. I only wish I had found it 10 years ago!

- Kristine Mancillas
Fort Worth, TX
I love this product... I found it on the FAIR OF TEXAS for $25.00 and i gave it a try and was amused.. I just ordered my 2nd bottle of mountain magic liniment to rub on my shoulders/neck and it relives my pain.. I get the pain because I clean houses everday and i also have arthritis... and with the pain i wouldn't be able to sleep and now i just rub it on before going to bed and it works its Magic!!! I actually get some sleep now...

- Elba
Cedar Hill Texas
I had total knee replacement surgery in July 2010, and I was dealing with knee pain that kept me up all night long. I was taking all kinds of pain medication, and that still could not get me through the night because the pain was that severe. A friend of mind gave me the Chronic Pain Duo to try, and I have been hooked every since. Now, if I feel the slightest bit of discomfort, I head for my Mountain Magic products. I am definitely hooked.

- Vonda Johnson
Southfield Michigan
In 2009 I got a bottle of Mountain Magic at the Custer Street Fair in Evanston, Il. The bottle lasted me a year and I had used it for headaches, muscle aches, sore feet, and even relief from yeast infection. In 2010 I went back to the fair with hopes of getting more but they were not at the street fair. So today I have ordered the 4 pack Mountain Magic Combo. I will be ordering more soon for family members. I really LOVE this product. It Smells SO good and works wonders.

- Sally 7-16-10
Wilmette, Illinois
Today I took my daughter by the Library, after school, to check out a book. As the Librarian was recording the book my daughter was checking out, I covered my mouth and coughed this horribly sounding congested cough and she told me about Mountain Magic Liniment Oil and offered me some to try.
I am so thankful I did. It immediately made me feel better and I haven't coughed in hours. Of course, I inquired on where I could get this product and lucky for me she is a distributor and I was able to buy an 8 oz bottle right there and take it home with me. Thank you Mountain Magic and Thank you Ms. Royse City Librarian.

- Nita Shults
Royse City, Texas
I met Joe and Sandy at the Texas State Fair in Beaumont, TX. I had been walking around the fair for about 2 hours with a headache and it was just about to kill me, when I saw Joe and Sandy's boothe Joe approached me and began telling me about there product. I am sure that many people just like me was very skeptical at first, but then Joe asked me if I had any pain anywhere, and I told him that I had a bad headache, he gave me some of the liniment oil to try and told me to rub it where the pain was on my head and to breathe it in through my nose and I did and before he could get done telling me about there product my headache was gone. I have also used it for sinus and sore muscles and it works.
This product is GREAT!!

I have a lot of family and friends who tried my liniment oil and they all loved it, I just placed another order and you can expect many more because I am telling everyone I know about it.

Thank you so much it has helped tremendously God Bless You for making such a wonderful product and sharing it with everyone.

- April H
Shelbyville, TX
When I was at the flea market Cathy was there and she had me try it the bone magic and the l on my wrist and thumb i am in pain with my wrist all the time so she rubbed them both on me and i had relief before she was done so i bought them and the pain didnt come back for six or seven hours what a blessing thi products are thank you very much.

- Elaine Dorough
Coldspring Texas
I found you all at the Custer Steret Fair in
Evanston this past weekend. I have been in acute knee pain for over 3 weeks with an aggravated osteochondroma tumor and baker\'s cyst. Although I was on steroids, the pain persisted and I found it hard to walk or turn. After the woman at the booth used the bone magic and oil liniment she wrapped
it up in saran wrap and in a bout 20 minutes I was walking without the sharp pain. After debating for the rest of the fair if I had been duped or if this was for real, I couldn't deny that I was taking steps up onto curbs that I couldn't do that morning! I got the combo and have been applying it twice a day. That night I went dancing for the first time in a very long time and the next day I was in the garden and could squat without the crunching or swelling. The lack of swelling
and inflammation is visibly noticeable and I can fully extend and bend my knee for the first time in a month! Thank you Mountain Magic!!

- Matthew Jacobson (Jake) Chaplain First Year Ministry Christian Life Communities Loyola University Ministry
Chicago, IL

I recently was at a Flea Market in Canton, TX. I was walking by your both, and the young lady offered to rub some of your products on me so that I could give it a try. I have a hurniated disc as well as arthritis in my back (arthritis due to
fratcures and compressed verterbra\'s when I was a teenager). My Sciatic nerve was really hurting me, so much so that I was having a hard time walking at the flea market. I almost had to rent a scooter to get around. After having the Liniment and Bone magic on for 5 minutes of so, the pain was gone!!! I then purchased both the Mountain Magic Liniment and the Bone Magic.This is the first time ever that without taking a heavy narcotic for pain (Which I refuse to take), that I was PAIN

I suggest to any and all to purchase this product.
It is truly a miricale product.

Thanks so much for creating such a product!

Lake Charles, LA

- Janetta
Lake Charles, LA
For over a year I have had pain in both of my feet. I’ve tried prescription and over the counter meds, nothing really helped. I was taking 800mg of Ibuprofen twice a day just to be able to walk. It is a pain that crawls up into my legs and knees and keeps me awake at night. I was at the Southeast Texas State Fair in Beaumont, Texas when I met Joe & Sandy. Sandy applied the Mountain Magic Liniment and the Bone Magic lotion to both feet and she wrapped one foot in plastic wrap. Before I could stand up, the pain in BOTH feet was TOTALLY gone. I was blown away, I had not had total relief from pain in either foot, much less both feet, for over a year! Even more amazing - it’s 5 days later and the pain in the foot that got the plastic wrap is just now coming back. The other foot is normally the one that hurts the worse and the relief in that foot lasted 3 days. I asked for a paper towel to wipe my hands off and Joe said it works for your hands too. I didn’t even think about that, I was just going to wipe the excess off. I have arthritis in my hands so I rubbed the excess into my hands like a hand lotion. I didn’t have any pain or stiffness for 3 days. I have told everyone that will listen just how amazing this stuff is. My order will be here soon and I can’t wait to try it for other things - I ordered everything, if those two are that good, imagine what all four could do for someone and it sure beats taking meds any day!!

- K. Gray
Silsbee, Texas
I suffer chronic pain with severe spinal stenosis in both my upper and lower back. Of all the creams and ointments I have tried this is the best by far. It helps ease some of that pain and allows me to be somewhat more mobile. I am grateful for this product.

- Rev. Ken Peters
Mckeesport pa.
I have Fibromyalgia. Therefore I suffer from many different pains and Mountain Magic has made such a difference in the way I feel! I also have sinus issues and MM really clears that all up too! I had an upper respiratory infection that went away in only 4 days!! It usually take me over 2 weeks to get rid of one! Thanks so much!

- Kayla
Boonville, MO
I have suffered with major allergies and sinus headaches for years. My sinus headaches have often triggered migrain headaches. I came across your Mountain Magic booth at a local craft show, and it just so happened, I had awoken with one of my headaches that morning. (Tis the season, thank you cedar!) The gentleman was stating all the numerious ailments that your product could help and I must admit, it sounded too good to be true. How could such a simple product help so many different things.... but when he mentioned headaches, I had to speak up. He had me sit down and he applied a small amount in my hands and instructed me to rub my hands together and inhale it deeply, which I did. He then applied a little along my hairline on my forehead, temples and he applied some to the back of my neck. Within a short time I was receiving relief. I could not believe it. I now use your product religiously. You have made my life a lot more pain free. Thank you, and God Bless You!

- Linda Otto
San Antonio, TX
Oh my goodness - ordered yesterday and received today. Used immediately and felt almost instant relieve from respiratory problems that have bothered me for over 2 weeks.
Thank you for the wonderful service and great products

- Peggy
Weimar, TX
I bought a bottle of the Moutain Magic at a fair here a few years back. I use it for a varity of things but I have found hat it works best for respiratory problems related to allergies and colds. I had a really bad chest cold and started a deep chest chogh that hurt and would nearly make me pass out while doing it.
I tried a cough drop and it did not work. I went to the Magic..put a few drops on a hand towel..put it to my mouth and took a deep breath....my coughing stopped. Can't wait to try it with a humidifier when I sleep....I bet I will rest. Cough be gone!!!!!

- Donnie C
Beaumont, Texas
I had a vaginal itch that would not go away. I followed the instructions on the Magic Mountain lotion, and the itch went away.

- Anna Lee
My husband has horrible back pains due to missing discs and his spine shifting. We bought bone magic and the liniment, it really helps when he is in severe pain. I also use the liniment when I have a migraine .. I rub it together in my hands until it is warm and breathe in deep and breathe out 3 times, it helps relieve the headache. We also love the lip blam, it is better than any chapstick we have ever used.

- Brandi Little
Pikeville, Kentucky
I met Sandi in New Braunfels, TX, Thanksgiving 2006 at a craft show. By Sunday I was hurting bad. Sandi did her treatment on me with Bone Magic and Liniment. I brought it home and my husband & I both use it daily. We both had Uncle Arthur in our hands, knees and low back pain. It has helped our sinus problems also. I had a sore throat last week, I rubbed bone magic on my neck & throat, then applied the liniment. Got the next morning and sore throat was gone. I used this on my granddaughter Friday night, she was congested and coughing. She first thought it would smell & burn like Vick's Vapor Rub, I let her smell it, she said it smelled good. Her mother tried to rub Vicks on her Sunday night and she would not let her. She said she wanted what Grammy used. My daughter called Monday and wanted to know what I used. My daughter had an earache Monday afternoon. I rubbed Bone Magic and liniment under and around her ears and throat and she said it took a lot of the pain away. GOOD STUFF!!!

- Brenda Walls
Skidmore, TX
Hello---We were introduced to your products in Yuma, Ariz. My Wife has acute eczema. After using many products suggested by our dermatology Doctor, we finally remembered the mountain magic products. I applied the bone magic and the liniment to the itching eczema. She is now relieved from the itch and is sleeping through the night. THANKS so much for the wonderful products.

- Dale Morasch
I have arthritis of the shoulders, and right knee. I have a hard time taking oral anti-inflammatories. I ran into a real nice couple selling Mountain Magic products at "Larry's Trade Days" in Winney Tx. They demonstrated the Pain relief combo useing me as a "test dummy". I bought a bottle of the liniment, on the strength of that demonstration. The pain relief was almost instant, and grew stronger over a 30 minute time frame. I love the breathing exercises, and do them everytime I rub my hands. As a side note, my youngest grandson has a wart on his leg and it is visably smaller after a week of treatment.

My wife was her usual skeptical self, but after I rubbed her acheing shoulders with it, she wants a rubdown every morning.

In short, I am no scientist, or Doctor, just plain old retired working man, and it works for me.

- Gilton Lamar Brown
Orange Tx
We've used all of your products and we love them all. They actually work! I especially love the Skin Magic, it's wonderful. My husband uses the Mountain Magic Linement and the Bone Magic and he is very satisfied with both of them. Nice to find a product that works and keeps on working. Thank you.

- Shirley J
Saskatchewan - Canada
Dear Sandy,
I met you in Court Side last month and was telling you about our little dog who has Valley Fever and can not take the medication as he was having a life threatening reaction from it. I bought your product and did as you suggested and put it into a vaporizer for him, I did this 3 times a week for about 4 hrs. each time. It has been 4 weeks now and Coco is doing wonderful he hardley coughs at all. Thank you so much for helping save his life. :-) :-) Ps it also worked great for the grandkids cough!!!!

- Jackie Campbell
Lake Havasu City, Arizona
I met Sandy and Joe at a fair in Yuma, AZ last week and was introduced to Mountain Magic. Let me tell you why I love these products: I am a 15+year Fibromyalgia sufferer and deal with major pain all over, and trigger point hot spots in my neck, shoulders, and scapula. I openly admit that I have taken lots of meds (including morphine derivatives) to help me tolerate the pain this chronic illness causes me on a regular basis. I have also become a "topical cream JUNKIE" :[ I think I have tried every product on the market,from websites, from word of mouth,etc.Most of them worked at first and then ceased to relieve pain after a few days or weeks. When I met Sandy last week I was 2 days into suffering from a rotator cuff tear and could barely lift my right arm. Talk about adding insult to the existing fibro pain!! :O Sandy applied the Bone Magic and Liniment to my shoulder and upper back and covered the area with saran wrap to help generate heat. After an hour I came back to her and bought the whole kit....arm movement had improved and the spasms in my scapula had ceased.YEY!!!! :D I have since used the products on my forehead during cluster headaches exacerbations AND along my jaw line both sides for my TMJ pain. The relief of the TMJ pain REALLY SURPRISED ME! AND, the snapping and clicking has been reduced dramatically. My husband and I are under a lot of stress right now waiting for his major heart surgery this week; as a result, I'm having skin breakouts that I haven't had since my teen years (I am 55). The Skin Magic has helped heal my skin very quickly. I'm using it on forehead and mouth wrinkles too with some subtle but obvious positive results. I'll send another testimonial as I find new ways to use the products. Thanks a lot, Sandy.You are an Angel!!!!

- Laurie Finzer
Arizona in winter/RV Travel in summer
I went into a small Variety store and was introduced to Mountain Magic. I had a brace on my left knee for almost 10 years. My arthritis was bad enough that I had quit working because of the pain. I couldn`t walk very far and at times the pain would really get bad.The lady that ran the store rubbed some oils on my knee. About 3 to 4 minutes later I realized that my knee wasn`t hurting . I got up and walked down the aisle of the store. I just couldn`t believe it, my knee did not hurt for the first time in almost 10 years. I am now back to work ,thanks to Mountain Magic. I will never be without the essential oils again.

- Bessie M.
I have rheumatoid arthritis in both shoulders and both knees real bad.I have tried all kinds of creams and arthritis meds. Nothing has really helped. Then I found Mountain Magic and it has changed my life. I can now do things that I couldn`t do before the oils. I spent 4 days of a training session show on cement floorswith no pain. I use the oils twice a day and I am pain free. Also my allergies are practically goneand my sinus head aches are no more.Thank you Mountain Magic.

- Jean
I have 5 pinched nerves in my back that caused extreme pain, but now I apply Mountain Magic and NO MORE PAIN!

- K. B' Smith
San Antonio, TX